Church Infrastructures

With growth comes the demand of building more houses of worship. By the sufficient grace of God, the rise of numerous local churches is aided by the Church’s roster of dynamic engineers, architects, electricians, carpenters, and mason.

These are just but some of the numerous remarkable structures brought about by the continuous expansion of the End-Time Church:

AATF Sports Complex (Cavite, Philippines)
Goodman of the House Building (Manila, Philippines)
AATF Global Prayer Mountain (Benguet, Philippines)
Don Salvador Benedicto Campsite (Negro Occidental, Philippines)
Shiloah Building (Marikina, Philippines)
AATF Miracle Building (Dubai, UAE)
AATF Global Missionary Center (California, USA)

There are currently more than 600 buildings, including places of worship managed by the Church both locally and overseas.

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