Home Free 15 Global Crusade Christ the Peacemaker Tour Dagupan: A Spiritual Awakening Sweeps Through the Community as Souls Find Salvation
by: Sis. Marynette Relucio
Thousands flocked to the HOME FREE 15 GLOBAL CRUSADE in Pangasinan, Philippines, finding solace and renewal. Led by Global Evangelist Jonathan S. Ferriol, attendees experienced a profound spiritual awakening, with over 2,455 surrendering burdens and 920 baptisms. Overflowing with worship and unity, the event left an indelible mark of peace and transformation.
Philippi District’s Adult Camp 2024: A Triumph of Faith and Fellowship
by: Philippi District News Correspondent
Delegates at the Philippi District’s Adult Camp 2024 experience spiritual strengthening through Apostolic Pattern of Unity
Home Free Global Crusade Christ the Peacemaker Tour 15 Japan: God’s Invitation to Peace Draws Hundreds to Embrace Faith
Sis. Clariz Tabuniar
Global Evangelist Jonathan S. Ferriol, accompanied by interpreter Bro. Daichi Mori, breaks language barriers in Tokyo Big Sight crusade, bringing the message of God’s Invitation to Peace resulting in over 400 professions of faith and 160 baptisms.
Home Free Global Crusade 15: A Spiritual Victory at the Nation’s Flag Capital and AATF Sports Complex
by: Bro. Daniel Jae P. Aquino and Bro. Kevin Angelo A. Ortiz
The seventh leg of the Home Free Global Crusade 15: Christ the Peace Maker Tour ignited spiritual fervor as 8,000 gathered in Cavite’s AATF Sports Complex. Global Evangelist Jonathan S. Ferriol’s words inspired 2,786 declarations of faith and 1,422 baptisms. Maranatha Christian Academy students joined in, showcasing unity and joy. Tokyo awaits, continuing the mission of transformation and grace.
Home Free Global Crusade – 15 Reaches its Fever Pitch at the Cuneta Astrodome
by Sis. Patricia Cruz
Gathering over 11,000 fervent souls at Pasay City’s Cuneta Astrodome, the Home Free Global Crusade 15 Christ: The Peacemaker Tour, led by Global Evangelist Jonathan S. Ferriol, ignited a blaze of unwavering faith, resulting in 4,200 decisions of faith and over 800 baptism.
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