Home Free Global Crusade 15 (Los Angeles) – A Resounding Success!
by: 4W Media News Correspondent
HFGC 15 in Los Angeles drew over 2,000 onsite attendees, marking a record-breaking event with 14,491 decisions of faith and 4,525 baptisms worldwide!
“Youth 360: Love Alive!” – A Day of Unified Praise and Spiritual Connection
by: Zion News Correspondent
Youth 360: Love Alive! at PMCC 4th Watch main church was awe-inspiring. Hearts united in praise, charged with love. Brother Moises emphasized faith. 608 youth and 73 visitors celebrated with joy.
Bishop Jonathan’s Inspiring Journey and Home Free Global Crusade on Toni Talks
by: Editorial Team
Deputy Executive Minister Bishop Jonathan’s passionate discussion with Tony Gonzaga on “Toni Talks” unveils his journey of faith, fatherhood, and ministry, culminating in the transformative Home Free Global Crusade, promising hope and spiritual renewal.
Philippi District Youth Camp 2024: A Call for Spiritual Unity
by: Philippi District News Correspondent
The Philippi District Youth Camp 2024 in Oslo, Norway, fostered spiritual unity through devotions, contests, and empowering messages, leaving attendees inspired and committed to apostolic service.
Bethlehem Area Fellowship 2024
by: Sis. Belle Villegas
The Bethlehem Area Fellowship on February 25th, 2024, at AATF Campsite, was a divine triumph. Overflowing with gratitude, attendees experienced God’s blessings. First Global Evangelist Presbyter Leticia S. Ferriol’s powerful message on “Becoming Ready for Christ’s Second Coming” united believers in joyous adoration. Thanks to Bishop Reynald and Presbyter Yollie Sulayao for this spiritually enriching event. All glory to God!
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