A True Leader with a Servant’s Heart – Mark 10:45

by: Sis. Belle Villegas

In a heartwarming display of appreciation and admiration, Ministers from various areas of Bethlehem, Bethany, Cilicia, Galilee, Goshen, Jerusalem, Macedonia, Shiloh, Smyrna and as far as Tabor gathered at the beautiful sanctuary of the local Church of Baguio City to celebrate a splendid event honoring Bishop Reynald Sulayao.

Our esteemed Coordinators from Goshen, Presbyter Vicky Alano and Cilicia, Ptr. Jane Mary Jane Flores; Presbyters Rene Fremista, Jim Bigalbal, Ruben Ventura; Congreswoman Irene and Ptr. Cholo Saulog and our beloved Evangelist Let Ferriol; were also in attendance.

Special friends from government, CER III Governor Roberto “PONS” Pascual, Congressman Mark Go’s wife and representative, Madame Sol Go, and PNP Captain Rose Golocan also joined the celebration. The event, held on a serene Friday afternoon, February 16, was indeed a testament to Bishop Reynald’s profound impact on the lives of those he has touched with his kindness and humility.

The event commenced with a with a soul-stirring procession of the partakers, followed by the Sulayao Family, and our beloved Presbyter Yollie and Bishop Reynald Sulayao. The air resonated with hymns of praise as Teacher Richard and Elder Zaida take part in the Commencement with a song, The Prayer. The celebration was filled with laughter and joy as Pastors Pat, Edjet, Tiffany, Vhiai and Myrna shared fond memories and heartfelt anecdotes about the impact of Bishop Reynald had on their lives.

As the ceremony unfolded, touching testimonials and heartfelt birthday wishes poured in from Deputy Executive Minister Bishop Jonathan, Evangelist Let, and Bishop Aldrin Palanca. Video greetings were also sent from Evangelist Violy Concepcion, Presbyters Polly Mendoza, Elleza Palanca, Raquel dela Cruz and Andy Pabelico; Pastors Donald & Rosita Abanto, Resa Pestaño and, Jhun Valeroso; Senators Bong Go, Jv Ejercito and Cynthia Villar; Baguio LGUs; Baguio locale brethren and special friends. These warm and sincere messages to our celebrator; including the tribute AVP, highlighted Bishop Reynald’s acts of kindness, humility, and generosity.

The Intimate celebration became more special as Evangelist Let surprised the celebrator with her presence, as she ministered the Word of God. She also commended Bishop Reynald for his steadfast commitment to the teachings of Christ and a heart brimming with compassion, a true leader that exemplifies the epitome of servant-hood, guiding souls with grace and wisdom.

In his humble address to the congregation, Bishop Reynald expressed his gratitude for the outpouring of love and support, emphasizing that true leadership stems from a place of humility and service to others that he learned from “The Goodman of the House”.

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