Divine Unity: Japan’s Faithful Convergence at Tokyo’s Spiritual Epicenter

by: Editorial Team

In a remarkable gathering that transcended geographical boundaries, brethren journeyed from both Eastern and Western Japan to partake in a momentous event hosted at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center, famously known as Tokyo Big Sight. The atmosphere was charged with the divine as the spirit of the Lord enveloped the venue, amplified by the presence of our esteemed Deputy Executive Minister, Bishop Jonathan S. Ferriol. He stood as the representative of the Goodman of the House, Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol, accompanied by a cadre of dynamic church leaders including Bishop Samuel Ferriol, Presbyter Jhun Marbida, Presbyter Dante Abainza, and Ptr. Eduardo “Doods” Siazon.

The formal commencement of the event unfurled with a grand processional march, featuring distinguished ministers from the Japan District. The air resonated with jubilant hymns of praise, skillfully rendered by the Japan Gospel Choir and Tokyo Locale, igniting a fervor within the hearts of attendees. The atmosphere was electric, setting the perfect stage for the reception of God’s profound words delivered by venerable speakers.

God’s grace and benevolence manifested powerfully, marking yet another victorious chapter in the collective journey of faith. The call to remain steadfast in the Apostolic Doctrine echoed throughout the congregation, serving as a timeless reminder to hold firm until the Lord’s glorious return. As the event concluded, the resounding declaration echoed, “To God be the Highest glory!” – a testament to the shared gratitude and devotion that permeated the hearts of all who bore witness to this spiritually charged gathering. To God be all the Glory!

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