Bishop Jonathan’s Inspiring Journey and Home Free Global Crusade on Toni Talks

by: Editorial Team

In an exclusive interview by Ms. Toni Gonzaga on her show “Toni Talks”, anticipation is building as Bishop Jonathan, Deputy Executive Minister of the PMCC (4th Watch), prepares to grace the Los Angeles Convention Center with a monumental crusade, the Home Free Global Crusade 15 on March 16th. With just two days to go, the atmosphere is charged with excitement as attendees eagerly await an event promising spiritual revival and hope in troubled times. 

Bishop Jonathan is poised to deliver a message of faith and renewal to a generation he describes as spiritually and emotionally exhausted. “People are fatigued, regardless of their social or economic status,” he notes, highlighting the pervasive sense of hopelessness and despair that has permeated society, exacerbated by the challenges of the pandemic.

Reflecting on his journey as a father and a pastor, Bishop Jonathan shares intimate moments of faith and resilience, including the profound experience of receiving a message to name his daughter “Miracle.” These personal encounters with God have shaped his ministry, infusing it with compassion and a deep commitment to serving others. 

Home Free Global Crusade 15 promises an immersive experience, featuring uplifting music, powerful testimonies, and a soul-stirring message from Bishop Jonathan himself. Attendees will have the opportunity to accept Jesus Christ and receive baptism on-site, symbolizing a fresh start and a newfound hope. 

As Bishop Jonathan extends an invitation to all seeking inspiration and spiritual nourishment, he reassures them that God sees, cares, and is always ready to extend a hand of grace. “When you are with God, you will be just fine,” he affirms, echoing a message of hope and assurance in uncertain times. 

With expectations running high, the LA Convention Center is set to be transformed into a sanctuary of faith and love on March 16th, as Bishop Jonathan leads a crusade destined to uplift spirits and ignite hearts with the transformative power of the gospel. 

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