“Youth 360: Love Alive!” – A Day of Unified Praise and Spiritual Connection

by: Zion News Correspondent

Last Saturday’s Youth 360: Love Alive! event at the PMCC 4th Watch main church was a beautiful and awe-inspiring sight. Young hearts came together in unified praise, creating an atmosphere charged with love and gratitude.

The Zion Young Watchers Department took center stage, presenting their exceptional talents through dance, music, and worship. Their devotion to God shone brightly, touching the hearts of all who witnessed their performances.

Brother Moises Cruz, delivered a powerful message that resonated deeply with the youth. Drawing from his own experiences during his youth, he encouraged the Young Watchers to dedicate their best selves to God. His words of wisdom and guidance left an indelible mark, emphasizing the significance of faith and perseverance in their ministry journey.

As the service reached its pinnacle, a wave of praises and uplifted hands swept through the congregation. The youth poured out their hearts in worship, creating a lasting impact that will be treasured for days to come!

Notably, the event saw 608 enthusiastic youth participants and 73 visitors, reflecting the growing outreach and vibrancy of this remarkable gathering. Truly, it was a day filled with spiritual connection and joyful celebration.

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