Home Free Global Crusade 15 (Los Angeles) – A Resounding Success!

by: 4W Media News Correspondent

Led by PMCC (4th Watch) Global Evangelist and Deputy Executive Minister Bishop Jonathan S. Ferriol, the Home Free Global Crusade (HFGC) 15 in Los Angeles broke its previous attendance record with over 2,000 individuals gathering onsite at the expansive Los Angeles Convention Center and 32,995 online viewers, plus – a staggering 43,305 in-person attendees through various watch parties across the globe. What made this event even more remarkable was the significant increase in spiritual decisions, with 14,491 individuals professing faith in Jesus as their Lord and Savior, and 4,525 individuals choosing to undergo water baptism worldwide. This surge in decisions and baptisms underscores the profound impact and effectiveness of the crusade in reaching hearts and transforming lives.

The Home Free Global Crusade isn’t just about spreading the message of salvation through Jesus Christ; it’s also a platform to showcase the unity, orderliness, artistry, and authenticity of the PMCC (4th Watch) to the public. Attendees are not only treated to awesome dance numbers, heartfelt praise and worship and dynamic preaching¬† but also witness a powerful display of faith and dedication that leaves them in awe and inspired. The event serves as a spiritual spectacle, captivating hearts and minds with its grandeur and richness.

As people flocked to the convention center, they were met with an atmosphere charged with faith and devotion. Beyond the sheer numbers, the HFGC 15 served as a beacon of hope, drawing individuals from diverse backgrounds to come together in worship and fellowship. It stood as a testament to the church’s unwavering commitment to reaching souls and spreading the love of Christ in a tangible and impactful way, fostering a sense of community and belonging among attendees.

The success of the HFGC 15 (Los Angeles) underscores the importance of such crusades in fostering spiritual growth and community engagement. Attendees were not only impacted individually but also collectively as they witnessed the transformative power of faith in action. Furthermore, the event was graced by performances from renowned gospel artists like Ms. Rachael Lampa, and celebrities like Ms. Toni Gonzaga and Ms. Alex Gonzaga, further enhancing the spiritual experience. As the Home Free Global Crusade continues to expand its reach and influence, it remains a shining example of how faith-based initiatives can positively impact lives and communities, leaving a lasting impression on all who participate.

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