Apostle in the End-time, The Goodman of the House

Born in Odiongan, Romblon, Arsenio Tan Ferriol's upbringing was shaped by his parents' virtues of honor, fairness, and courage in his father Juan Ferriol, and his mother Mariana Tan's embodiment of piety and strong work ethics. Despite Arsenio growing up in poverty, learning survival skills through selling fruits, farming, and raising animals.

Despite dreams of becoming a lawyer due to his family's financial situation, Arsenio's aspirations shifted when he was influenced by the preaching of Silverio Diaz from United Gospel Tabernacle. He decided to become a pastoring minister rather than pursuing a legal career.

At 23, he left his hometown to attend the newly established Foursquare Bible Institute (FBI) at Sta. Mesa, Manila. Alongside his brother, Arturo, they were among the first students at the FBI. Arsenio worked as a janitor, while Arturo assisted Pastor Donald McGregor as a translator.

During his years at Bible school, he consistently exceeded the expectations of his mentors, showcasing exceptional leadership that persisted until his senior year, when he graduated as valedictorian from the FBI Class of 1962.

After graduating, he was assigned to pastor the Foursquare Church in San Jose, Occidental. His arrival marked the beginning of transformative changes. He diligently restored the chapel and revitalized the wavering faith of the congregation. Over the course of 7 months, under his guidance, the church witnessed steady growth in both membership and spiritual devotion.

Following this success, he took on subsequent pastoral assignments in Caloocan and Malagasang. Revered for his dynamic presence, genuine warmth, and anointed leadership, he quickly became well-liked and highly regarded by many.

However, a controversy emerged, highlighting his desire for reform rather than revolution. Despite his intentions to continue serving, external pressures mounted, resulting in the revocation of his ministerial license.

Nonetheless, he remained steadfast in his ministry, resolutely upholding his calling. "You can get my license but not my ministry!" Pastor Arsenio claimed while he surrendered his license to his American superior.

Undeterred by the adversities and assaults targeting both his personal life and ministry, he maintained his focus. Amid a critical period of his life, a harrowing vehicular accident almost cost him his life. In an instant, he uttered a heartfelt prayer, pleading, "Lord, just give me one more chance to live and I will serve You more faithfully!"

In 1973, the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch) came into existence. During a dedicated period of praying and fasting, Apostle Arsenio received the divine gift and grace of apostleship. This marked the commencement of a profound journey—a lifelong commitment to his calling as the Goodman of the House, a role foretold by Christ in Matthew 24:43.

Apostle Arsenio's proclamation of the pure and unadulterated gospel of Jesus Christ swiftly led to the Church's natural growth, giving rise to the establishment of the Maranatha Bible School in 1975 (now known as Maranatha Bible School International), serving as grounds for nurturing future ministers.

Apostle Arsenio found a ministry partner who shared his fervor for accomplishing God's work – Evangelist Leticia Ferriol. Together, they forged a partnership that yielded not only six children but also a worldwide ministry spanning over 70 countries. Their collaboration led to the construction of numerous houses of worship and the spiritual outreach to millions through the Word of God.

Apostle Arsenio leads the PMCC (4th Watch), a Church called by God wholly dedicated to evangelizing true and apostolic doctrines. It is blessed with the distinctive grace of restored spiritual gifts, the very gifts bestowed upon the early church during Pentecost. Apostle Arsenio's primary objective as the Goodman of the House is to make the Church keep watch for the imminent return of the Lord simultaneously striving to present the Church as flawless before Christ.

What started humbly has culminated gloriously. Founded on Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol's apostolic calling, the PMCC (4th Watch) now celebrates its 50th year, a testament to both God's faithfulness and the Apostle's devoted stewardship. Under the Apostle's leadership, the Church remains unwavering in its commitment to fulfilling God's work until the imminent return of Jesus Christ.

Established upon Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol's divine calling, the PMCC (4th Watch) now rejoices in its 50th year—an embodiment of both God's unwavering faithfulness and the Apostle's steadfast stewardship. Guided by the Apostle, the Church remains resolute in its dedication to fulfilling God's mission until the imminent return of Jesus Christ.

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