A Resilient Servant of God: Finding Opportunity in Every Obstacle

A Resilient Servant of God: Finding Opportunity in Every Obstacle Bishop Aldrin Palanca exemplifies a resilient servant of God, who perseveres in the face of various obstacles, dangers, and occasional lack of resources in his ministry. Through his unwavering dedication and courageous determination, he turns every challenge into an opportunity for God to work even greater things through him. He was born on October 13, 1972. He was raised in a religious family and is the youngest of seven brothers. His strong desire to serve God led him to consider becoming a priest, and he dedicated himself to serving as a sacristan at San Felipe Neri Parish in Mandaluyong. His call to PMCC (4th Watch) came on March 21, 1985. At 15 years old, he committed to serving as a youth sacrifice in the PMCC (4th Watch) Mandaluyong and received mentorship in evangelism from Pastor Tim Ferriol.

In 1989, he entered Maranatha Bible School, and his main job was in the office of our beloved Apostle Arsenio Tan Ferriol. He also had multiple roles, aside from being a janitor in the Apostle's office, working in the morning at Evangelist Let's office and MCS rooms, after attending MBS class in the afternoon, he served as a street preacher in Cubao, and worked as a guard, car washer, and construction worker at night.

During his second year and Practicum year in the MBS, he pioneered Parañaque and Pateros. He became class president and Student Body President when he was in the 4th year. After graduating as the Last Speaker (the highest honor in the MBSI), he pastored in San Pedro, Laguna. The church at that time was in the midst of persecution by the authorities, and public preaching was prohibited. Because of Pastor Aldrin's explanation to the mayor, he was given the permit to preach the gospel anywhere in San Pedro Laguna.

In 1996, he assumed the role of Area Coordinator for the Panay Island District. He encountered opposition for conducting baptisms at night, but after clarifying the purpose of his mission in a radio interview, he was offered the opportunity to host a radio program, "Oras ng Katotohanan,". Pastor Aldrin's efforts also led to positive relationships with the Mayor of Kalibo and the Governor, ultimately contributing to the advancement of the Lord’s work. Leading Davao District in 1999, though he only stayed there for nearly one year, through his leadership, finished the construction of the chapel in Davao. He also started the District Camp in the area before he left for Biñan, Laguna.

At the age of 27, Pastor Aldrin became the youngest head pastor of PMCC Marikina Main Church and Coordinator of Zion Area in late 1999. During his tenure, Senakulo Presentations were staged in huge arenas such as Riverbanks Amphitheater with audiences reaching 3,000 to 5,000. He also organized the Marikina Symphony of Praise and Pillars Band. Through the directives of the Apostle, he registered the Dalaw Kalinga Foundation (DKF) which started as Oplan: Dalaw Kalinga. While pastoring in Marikina, he served as professor at the Maranatha Bible School, liaison person of the Apostle, and co-panelists with Archbishop Art and Bishop Osie on the Oras ng Katotohanan radio and TV program. In 2004, he was blessed to marry Pastor Elleza Lazaro, a confidant and partner in the ministry.

His global mission began in a Muslim-majority country of Bangladesh, converting Baptist pastor and his congregation. It was during their assignment in San Fernando, Pampanga, that their children were born. Febe Elleza was born in 2005, and Arseneo Aldrin was born in 2007. "Arseneo" was named after Apostle Arsenio.

In 2008, when he was assigned to the Middle East District, he took the initiative to establish Dubai as a local church. Despite the challenges of working in a region hostile to the gospel and strict laws limiting activities, he persevered and successfully introduced new ministries and programs such as PEP, Senakulo, Missionary Services, Medical Mission, Fellowships, Camps, and the popular Gawad Parangal, as well as the eagerly anticipated MEDC. Despite the predominantly non-Christian nature of the countries in his district, he was able to pioneer 21 churches not only in the Middle East, but also in countries in Africa and the Caucasus.

In 2012, he established the Maranatha Bible Extension Middle East Extension, and in 2017, he launched The Word Today, an evangelistic program aired on Life TV and PMCC (4th watch) Social Media platforms. By 2022, his District was blessed to be provided by the main office to purchase a building called AATF Miracle Building, the Church's first-ever property in the area, which will serve as the District Office, House of Worship, Pastoral House, and MBSI campus.

Upon his ordination as the 6th Bishop during the 24th International Convention in 2013, he achieved the distinction of becoming the youngest bishop in the Church. Subsequently, following his appointment as Bishop, he was elevated to the position of Regional Overseer of Middle East and Europe District Churches.

In addition to his responsibilities as Area Coordinator and Regional Overseer, he was given the role of chairing five Committees as a Church Council member. These Committees include Evangelism & Discipleship, Media/Information Technology/Music, Church Leaders Ordination, Grievance, and Church Heraldic Law and Protocols.

His steadfast dedication to advancing the work of God in the face of numerous challenges, as well as his unfailing loyalty to the Apostle and full-fledged support to the Deputy Executive Minister, he was not only deemed worthy by God to become the youngest Bishop, but he was ordained by the beloved Apostle Arsenio Ferriol to be the 4th Global Evangelist of the Church last year during the 2023 International Convention and PMCC (4th Watch)’s 50th Church Anniversary.

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