Champion of Faith and Service

He is the third son of the Apostle who is infused with the unyielding determination of an athlete and the boundless compassion of a devoted pastor, just like his father.

Bishop Samuel's journey led him to the Maranatha Bible School, where he first joined as a probationary student in 1997, eventually becoming a full-fledged first-year student in 1999. His exceptional leadership skills shone as he not only assumed the role of SBO Class President but also earned the prestigious title of the class's Last Speaker.

Bishop Samuel's influence extends beyond spirituality. He founded the SF Direct Fire Station for emergencies in Metro Manila and delved into politics as a District 1 City Councilor in Marikina. With the Apostle's blessing, he devoted over a decade to serving Marikina, embodying "Service First" as he championed residents' welfare.

But Bishop Samuel is not only a dedicated servant; he's also a creative force. He even directed "Bagong Liwanag," a film highlighting the transformative power of faith, starring Rez Cortez.

During his service to Marikina's community, Bishop Samuel seamlessly juggled significant roles. He led as head pastor for the Novaliches locale in 2018 before assuming the head pastoral duties in Marikina. Simultaneously, he managed and supervised the national ReDEEM department as ReDEEM OIC, and as ZION Area Coordinator, showcasing his remarkable dedication and organizational skills.

During the pandemic, Bishop Samuel Ferriol and his wife Pastor Kirsten ensured the Apostle's well-being through prayer, fasting, and health protocols. In 2021, he became a Church Presbyter. In response to the pandemic, they launched "Breakthrough," an evangelism and discipleship initiative. It proved so effective in Marikina that it was embraced as a program for the entire church.

In 2023, Bishop Samuel achieved yet another milestone, becoming the latest addition to the roster of Church Bishops. His oversight extends to the thriving RRB churches established by the Marikina locale. Despite evolving circumstances, Bishop Samuel's steadfast dedication and strategic leadership continue to shape the Church's journey.

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