A True Leader with a Servant's Heart

Bishop Reynald is a person of character, a true servant leader. He has big empathy for the lost souls and has a natural desire to serve others. Inspired by his life verse from Isaiah 6:8—"Here I am Lord, send me"—he forfeited worldly allurements for the ministry, embodying unwavering dedication to his calling.

Upon joining MBS, Bishop Reynald's initial roles included janitorial duties at the Office of the Apostle and throughout the chapel. As a Bible student, he also cared for the Church's pigpen, tending to the pigs that served as supplementary food for the pastoral staff. This included feeding, bathing, and waste management duties. He was truly dedicated to this humble task in the same way as he was driven by a commitment to keep an eye on the vision set by the Apostle.

What is little known, in fact, is that Bishop Reynald landed as the first featured magazine cover model of The Word Magazine as it launched its first colored publication, May - June 1991 Edition entitled In Defense of Street Evangelism.

Completing his ministerial course marked the start of an exceptional journey. He spearheaded the founding of 17 local churches for over 2 decades.

His dynamism and efficiency weren't confined to pastoral work alone. His being close to political leaders during his ministry in Makati led him to become Chairman for the Political and Religious Affairs of the Church.

As he pioneers churches from across diverse regions in the Philippines and engages in global missionary endeavors, he has not only shaped congregations but also nurtured a strong personal foundation. Alongside his dedicated wife, Presbyter Yolanda Asia Sulayao, they have cultivated a remarkable family dynamic where most of their offspring have chosen to stand alongside him in the noble pursuit of the ministry.

In 2017, he was appointed to be among the esteemed roster of Church Presbyters. Merely three years later, amidst the challenging backdrop of a global pandemic, he achieved another remarkable milestone — Ordained as 7th Bishop of the church during the pandemic.

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