A Timeless Legacy and Edifying Testimony to Cherish Eternally

"Totohanin mo ang Dios, at tototohanin ka rin ng Dios": This unwavering principle defined Bishop Domingo Tan Ferriol's life. Through trials and time, he clung to this belief, illustrating the profound bond between God and His faithful. It propelled him to a fruitful ministry, embodying his relentless dedication as a humble servant of God.

Known as "Dodoy" from childhood, he was the sixth of nine kids born to Juan Fortaleza Ferriol and Mariana Feruelo Tan. Early on, Bishop Dodoy loved God's word. He joined his older brother, Apostle Tan Arsenio Ferriol, on journeys to share it. His motto was, "Obey first. No complaints." In 1972, he pioneered the Malagasang Church as told by Apostle Arsenio. A year later, he started a church in Magsikap, Mindoro. Bishop Dodoy trusted that obeying God and His messengers would bring joy and provision.

It is in his simplicity that he greatly impacted those around him and the whole church as well even for several generations.

Beloved Bishop Dodoy's fervor for spreading God's Word and establishing places of worship was remarkable. He tirelessly initiated the work of God in different locations, from crusades to market evangelism. His leadership birthed numerous local churches in the Peniel Area, spanning Laguna, Batangas, Quezon, Mindoro, Romblon, and Palawan. Obedient to the Apostle's guidance, he oversaw the construction of around 49 houses of worship across various provinces.

Much like the Apostle, Bishop Dodoy fearlessly defended God's truth, actively debating to counter false teachings. He led in debates during the Church's early years, guided by the belief that God ensured victory. He nurtured ministers and staff under his guidance, embodying the wisdom shared by our Beloved Apostle. Bishop Dodoy's leadership was evident in his team's successes and setbacks, deeply feeling both.

A devoted minister of God, Bishop Dodoy nurtured strong bonds with fellow believers, even in challenging circumstances. His consistent dedication to serving others was evident to many, and had he retained his youthful vigor, he would have undoubtedly continued achieving remarkable feats for the Lord. Acts 20:24 resonated with Bishop Dodoy's life: "However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace."

Bishop Dodoy's motto, 'Love for God and ministry above all,' echoed his core belief. His affection for souls was equally striking. Amid his devotion to God's work, he remained a loving father to Pastors Uzziel, Hazziel, Jazziel, Viviel, and Nissiel, and a devoted husband to Beloved Presbyter Luningning. His approach to family mirrored his interactions with pastoral staff and brethren—a testament to his unwavering love and care."

His prayer life exemplified James 5:16: "Righteous prayers are powerful." His battles with evil spirits, healings, and favor from God are well-known. Many sought his prayers, drawn by his reputation as a vessel of God's grace.

His love for God fueled his dedicated service, reaping abundant blessings. His obedience to God and Apostle, coupled with humility, turned his life for Christ into a triumphant and fruitful ministry.

Beloved Bishop Domingo Tan Ferriol's passing reignited faith and service in believers. His life emphasized the value of time for serving God, a timeless lesson.

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