A Global Journey of Faith: The Evangelistic Odyssey

In the realm of spiritual pioneers, Evangelist Violy stands as a beacon of unwavering faith and dedication. Her life verse in Philippians 1:21,” To live is Christ, to die is gain” becomes a living oracle. Her remarkable journey began in August, 1985 when she was baptised by Ptr Orly Ibarbia, grew in faith and became an elder. During those time, she led an enviable life with high-paying Managerial role. Despite her lucrative career and comfortable life, she was compelled by God’s calling and as she answered that divine call, her ministry eventually rippled across continents.

Long before the inception of church wide RRB, Evangelist Violy has already been creating an environment set for the global mission. Her relentless efforts in partnering with the Goodman of the house to reach many nations has been rewarded with the growing number of churches in Europe District.

Taking inspiration from Evangelist Let Ferriol, she established the first global mission in Taiwan. After Taiwan, she was sent to Hong Kong where she joined Prb Gallagher Concepcion briefly. When Prb Gali was sent to US, Evangelist Violy pastored Hong Kong and Macau. HongKong became her home base as she sets to pioneer churches across Asia, Western Pacific and Europe.

The Holy Land of Israel beckoned for the true gospel. Despite immense challenges, Evangelist Violy embarked on her ministry in Israel. By God’s grace and her unwavering commitment to sharing the gospel paved the way for a thriving congregation that continues to be a source of inspiration and remarkable testimonies of faith.

From the ancient lands of Israel, Evangelist Violy felt the calling to bring the light of Christ to the historic landscapes of Europe. In the midst of ancient cathedrals and modern cityscapes, she tirelessly worked to cultivate a renewed sense of spirituality. The journey of Evangelist Violy did not stop in the borders of Europe. She ventured into the vast expanse of Russia and Africa. To date, The Europe District, to which she oversees, is home to more than 40 churches and extensions works.

Through every step of her global odyssey, Evangelist Violy has exemplified the spirit of an evangelist – a tireless seeker of souls, a messenger of hope, and a vessel of divine grace. As a Church Presbyter, Evangelist and Council member, her legacy is not confined to geographical boundaries but extends to the hearts and lives she has touched across continents. As she continues to sow the seeds of faith, her journey stands as a testament to the transformative power of unwavering commitment to the call of a higher purpose.

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