Of Undeniable Faith and Unyielding Devotion to Apostolic Leadership

Archbishop Art's journey mirrored his mentor and his very own brother, Apostle Arsenio Ferriol, driven by a deep love for the gospel and unwavering dedication to God's work. He played a pivotal role in the Church's birth and growth, contributing significantly to the early foundations of the PMCC (4th Watch).

Merely 21 years old, he completed Bible School and swiftly took on the role of local pastor in Calapan, Oriental Mindoro. Three years of exceptional service later, he transitioned to Manila's Calvary Foursquare Church headquarters in Sta. Mesa. There, he supported an American minister as a Tagalog pastor and eventually ascended to head pastor. He simultaneously taught at Foursquare Bible Institute. Concurrently, his brother Arsenio ventured out from Foursquare Church to found the People's Missionary Church.

In spite of being physically apart, the brothers (Arsenio and Arturo) had a strong connection and talked regularly. They held each other in high regard, as their father had taught them. However, the teachings about apostleship and the true Church led Pastor Arturo to shift his faith willingly, with words he testified upon his resignation, "He [Arsenio] did not ask me to join. I was the one who told him I would." He left the Foursquare Church and was converted to the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch).

In 1974, he chose to follow the Apostle to Marikina, finding a small yet vibrant church. He led the construction of the central PMCC (4th Watch) church, hosting the first national convention in 1976. With a background as a Bible School professor, he established the Maranatha Bible School in 1975, imparting Fourth Watch doctrines. Despite later assignments in Cavite, he faithfully commuted to Marikina every Tuesday, dedicated to teaching and nurturing future Church leaders. He holds the record as one of MBSI's longest-serving professors.

In the Church's early years, Archbishop Arturo, supported by devoted men guided by the Apostle, defended the true gospel against persecutions from various sects and cults.

While pastoring in Occidental Mindoro, he earned a Bachelor's in Guidance and Counselling at Divine Word College and a Master's at De La Salle University-Manila, enhancing his communication skills. A skilled debater, he's a compelling preacher in both English and Tagalog, transcending his Bisayan roots. His pulpit ministry imparts edification and salvation, as seen in his published sermon outline, "Heartbeat of a Preacher." He also represents the Church to influential figures in Philippine politics.

Just as he anticipated a life of bachelorhood, God blessed him with Pastor Lily, becoming his lifelong partner in ministry. Their divine partnership amplified his already fruitful work, particularly as the Apostle sought to broaden the reach of the 4th Watch message through media. Together, they pioneered the "Oras ng Katotohanan" TV program and launched the "Ang Liwanag" pamphlet, later evolving into The Word Magazine. Archbishop Arturo remains the Editor-in-Chief of this official Church publication.

As the main Church's head pastor, he led construction up to the fifth floor, accommodating 2000 attendees and instituting a second service. Pastor Art and Pastor Lily's skills enhanced their partnership.

In 1993, they moved to Malagasang, Imus, Cavite, and undertook church expansion. With faith in God's promise and the Apostle's vision, they revitalized a once-shamed local Church. They also expanded Maranatha Christian School to accommodate more students.

Over time, both the school and the Church saw steady growth. When the demand outgrew the 3rd-floor sanctuary, Pastor Art saw a chance to fulfil the Apostle's vision for a larger worship space and a sports complex. They started building the AATF Sports Complex in 2007, a significant project that became the biggest sports stadium in the Southern Luzon region ever built by a religious group. It even hosted the first National Summer Camp in 2008. Finishing the sports complex showed Pastor Art and Pastor Lily's dedication, along with the congregation's strong faith.

The Malagasang Locale Church thrived, with around 1500 faithful worshippers while the Maranatha Christian Academy of Imus City expanded to be the biggest branch of the NCLC-MCA School System with almost 4,000 students. Pastor Art also helped establish new local churches in Cavite, like Maragondon, Naic, Indang, Mendez, and Trece Martires City, where many people found faith and grew spiritually.

Becoming a Bishop in 2009, he took on broader responsibilities, overseeing multiple regions. Married at 45, he had four children who all embraced full-time ministry: Abigail became a congressional representative, Eunice excelled as an Imus City Councillor, Archie joined the MBSI Faculty, and Rachelle excelled in educational teaching.

In 2023, Bishop Art became Archbishop, overseeing Cavite, Visayas, and Mindanao. His life reflects selfless devotion to God's plan and the Apostle's authority. His obedience to the Apostle's leadership was driven not by family ties, but by recognizing him as God's anointed. Yielding to this plan, he found God's favor, receiving all his heart's desires and more.

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