Chief Executive Minister: The Heart of a Servant, The Mind of a Visionary, and The Spirit of a Leader

A man with an insatiable hunger for advancing the cause of Christ on a global scale, Bishop Jonathan S. Ferriol is the new Chief Executive Minister of the PMCC (4th Watch). He is the second eldest son of Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol and Evangelist Leticia S. Ferriol. The breadth of breakthroughs in his ministry is attributed simply to the way his heart is after God’s own, and his deference for the Goodman of the House as his Apostle before he sees him as his father.

While his parents are the church founders, Bishop Jonathan took his faith sincerely and made his relationship with the Lord personal even as a young boy. At the tender age of ten years old, he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior, then being baptized in Taal Lake.

In 1987, Bishop Jonathan began studying at Centro Escolar University to pursue a degree in Journalism. For years, he honed in on his craft as a writer with a dream to become a war correspondent for the mainstream media. Exhibiting his talent and leadership potential, Bishop Jonathan was entrusted with the Print Media of the Church as the Editor-in-Chief of The Word Magazine. He wrote articles under the pen name “Nathaniel FS.” During his tenure, The Word Magazine produced and released issues on a monthly basis. He would further exemplify his determination to partner with the Apostle by establishing the Media Communications Department (known as MCD), where he served as the head of Oras ng Katotohanan Radio and Television. In succeeding years, Bishop Jonathan spearheaded the creation of Daystar Publishing, the Church’s own printing department, established Cornerstone recording studio, and wrote the first book of the PMCC (4th Watch) about the Apostle titled, “The Goodman of the House: A Son’s Reflection of His Father’s Ministry.”

Bishop Jonathan thrived as a young leader. The fiery passion for evangelism set ablaze in his heart in Summer of 1989. Fighting against the forces of darkness and bracing themselves against the elements, he led a youth mission team for several weeks in saturating the predominantly Muslim area of Dipolog City with the Fourth Watch Gospel. Eventually, they converted families who continue to remain faithful in serving the Lord up until the present time. From 1991 to 1993, he served as President of the National Young Watchers Department, where he launched “Young Watchers Month.”

May 1993 was a pivotal moment in his life. Bishop Jonathan enrolled in the Maranatha Bible School, becoming the first among his siblings to dedicate his life to full-time pastoral ministry. Developing pastoral care, he was assigned in Malate and soon sent by the Apostle to Hong Kong to represent the PMCC (4th Watch) in its first foreign debate, in 1997. All of his efforts to advance the church culminated in his graduation from the Bible School as he was bestowed the highest honor as the Last Speaker of the class dubbed, “The Watchmen.” It was on this day wherein he invited the unsaved friends, relatives, and attendees to accept Christ as their personal Savior. Unbeknownst to him, this would begin the tradition to have an Altar Call during the MBSI’s annual Commencement Exercises.

Near the turn of the century, Bishop Jonathan was assigned in the United States to pastor the church in Carson, California in 1998. Pursuing the most excellent way to serve, he adopted the modern praise and worship genre in worship singing. In his pulpit ministry, he began preaching in a “series format.” From a fledgling group of worshippers, God used Bishop Jonathan to portray the Apostolic teachings. Two decades later, the small group now stands as nearly 50 congregations across the country. The PMCC (4th Watch) of South Bay’s House of Worship was fittingly named, “Crown Jewel of the Fourth Watch,” being the first in the global mission to be constructed from start to finish.

He married his ministry partner, Presbyter Marites Madrid in December of 1999. Together, they would become a dynamic tandem in church administration and pastoral support. 2000 became a milestone year as Bishop Jonathan was appointed as the Coordinator for the churches in the United States, Canada, and Western Pacific.

Over the next two decades, expansion and growth embraced his ministry as God gave Bishop Jonathan The Antioch Vision- a 10-year global-mission-equipping roadmap for the district to become viable in the areas of manpower, finance, church properties, missions, and the media. 2008 marked another critical year as he launched The Surer Word Television Ministry- the church’s first all-English program outside of the Philippines. The “live-streaming” of services ensued, further expanding the reach of the Gospel around the world.

Taking after his mother as a consummate educator, he became the Administrator of the Maranatha Bible School International (North America Extension), which is the largest among the MBSI Extensions in the global mission. Bishop Jonathan has penned eight books, which include biographies, discipleship manuals, and devotionals. In 2013, the Lord saw him worthy to be elevated to a higher ministry, as the Apostle ordained him as a Church Bishop. 2020 saw him appointed as the Regional Overseer of the United States, Canada, and Western Pacific Districts. To date, there are nearly 80 congregations across 2 continents, and 10 countries and territories.

In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic’s plight, God moved in Bishop Jonathan to push back against the decline of contemporary evangelistic methods and embody the Apostolic mantra of “No retreat, no surrender!” Thus, the Home Free Global Crusades were born. After 14 installments over the course of 3 years, more than 8 million individuals have been impacted by the Gospel, with more than 105,000 accepting water baptism. While expanding the work of God on earth, the Lord impressed a new goal to Bishop Jonathan’s heart- to establish genuine Fourth Watch congregations throughout Spanish-speaking countries of North, South, and Central America. Hence, The Great Hispanosphere Outreach’s naissance.

Building up budding leaders, congregations, and church edifices, Bishop Jonathan and Presbyter Thess led the arduous task to purchase, construct, and finish the church’s first, largest, and most modern structure outside of the Philippines- the Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol Global Missionary Center, which was unveiled in 2021.

As a testament to his faithfulness to the Apostolic leadership and manifestation of his calling, the Goodman of the House appointed Bishop Jonathan to serve as his Deputy Executive Minister in May of 2023, further bolstering the continuity of the mission and vision of Christ’s End-Time Church.

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