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PMCC (4th Watch) Bloodletting Drive and Grand Medical Mission


What sets this campaign apart is its holistic approach, merging the life-saving impact of blood donation with the transformative potential of accessible healthcare services. By combining these two vital components, the PMCC 4th Watch creates a synergy that addresses both immediate and long-term health needs within communities.

The Grand Medical Mission not only delivers crucial healthcare services but also acts as a catalyst for community empowerment. Beyond the immediate health benefits, the campaign fosters a sense of unity and shared responsibility within the community. Local volunteers, often mobilized by the church, become active participants in the campaign, contributing to its success and reinforcing a culture of communal support.

The Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch) has consistently demonstrated its commitment to community welfare through various outreach programs, and at the forefront of these efforts is the Bloodletting Drive and Grand Medical Mission Campaign. This innovative and inclusive initiative stands as a beacon of hope embodying the church's ethos of compassion and service to the community.

The Bloodletting Drive component of the campaign underscores the urgent need for a robust and replenished blood supply in healthcare institutions. The PMCC 4th Watch, recognizing the constant demand for blood in medical emergencies and treatments, has mobilized its congregants and local communities to participate actively in voluntary blood donation drives. These events not only contribute to the life-saving effort but also serve as a platform to raise awareness about the critical importance of donating blood as a selfless act that can potentially save countless lives.

As the Bloodletting Drive and Grand Medical Mission unfold in various locations, they embody the church's vision of holistic community service. The campaign serves as a reminder that health is not merely the absence of illness but a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being—a concept embraced and championed by the PMCC 4th Watch through its impactful outreach initiatives.

As the Bloodletting Drive and Grand Medical Mission unfold in various locations, they embody the church's vision of holistic community service. The campaign serves as a reminder that health is not merely the absence of illness but a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being—a concept embraced and championed by the PMCC 4th Watch through its impactful outreach initiatives.

Complementing the bloodletting drive is the Grand Medical Mission, a comprehensive healthcare outreach that goes beyond immediate blood donation needs. Volunteer healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, and allied health workers, collaborate to provide a range of medical services to underserved communities. This includes free medical check-ups, consultations, diagnostic tests, and the distribution of essential medications. The mission not only addresses existing health concerns but also aims to prevent future ailments through health education and awareness programs.


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Evangelist and Presbyter Violy Concepcion


A Global Journey of Faith: The Evangelistic Odyssey

In the realm of spiritual pioneers, Evangelist Violy stands as a beacon of unwavering faith and dedication. Her life verse in Philippians 1:21,” To live is Christ, to die is gain” becomes a living oracle. Her remarkable journey began in August, 1985 when she was baptised by Ptr Orly Ibarbia, grew in faith and became an elder. During those time, she led an enviable life with high-paying Managerial role. Despite her lucrative career and comfortable life, she was compelled by God’s calling and as she answered that divine call, her ministry eventually rippled across continents.

Long before the inception of church wide RRB, Evangelist Violy has already been creating an environment set for the global mission. Her relentless efforts in partnering with the Goodman of the house to reach many nations has been rewarded with the growing number of churches in Europe District.

Taking inspiration from Evangelist Let Ferriol, she established the first global mission in Taiwan. After Taiwan, she was sent to Hong Kong where she joined Prb Gallagher Concepcion briefly. When Prb Gali was sent to US, Evangelist Violy pastored Hong Kong and Macau. HongKong became her home base as she sets to pioneer churches across Asia, Western Pacific and Europe.

The Holy Land of Israel beckoned for the true gospel. Despite immense challenges, Evangelist Violy embarked on her ministry in Israel. By God’s grace and her unwavering commitment to sharing the gospel paved the way for a thriving congregation that continues to be a source of inspiration and remarkable testimonies of faith.

From the ancient lands of Israel, Evangelist Violy felt the calling to bring the light of Christ to the historic landscapes of Europe. In the midst of ancient cathedrals and modern cityscapes, she tirelessly worked to cultivate a renewed sense of spirituality. The journey of Evangelist Violy did not stop in the borders of Europe. She ventured into the vast expanse of Russia and Africa. To date, The Europe District, to which she oversees, is home to more than 40 churches and extensions works.

Through every step of her global odyssey, Evangelist Violy has exemplified the spirit of an evangelist – a tireless seeker of souls, a messenger of hope, and a vessel of divine grace. As a Church Presbyter, Evangelist and Council member, her legacy is not confined to geographical boundaries but extends to the hearts and lives she has touched across continents. As she continues to sow the seeds of faith, her journey stands as a testament to the transformative power of unwavering commitment to the call of a higher purpose.

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Bishop Samuel Santos Ferriol


Champion of Faith and Service

He is the third son of the Apostle who is infused with the unyielding determination of an athlete and the boundless compassion of a devoted pastor, just like his father.

Bishop Samuel's journey led him to the Maranatha Bible School, where he first joined as a probationary student in 1997, eventually becoming a full-fledged first-year student in 1999. His exceptional leadership skills shone as he not only assumed the role of SBO Class President but also earned the prestigious title of the class's Last Speaker.

Bishop Samuel's influence extends beyond spirituality. He founded the SF Direct Fire Station for emergencies in Metro Manila and delved into politics as a District 1 City Councilor in Marikina. With the Apostle's blessing, he devoted over a decade to serving Marikina, embodying "Service First" as he championed residents' welfare.

But Bishop Samuel is not only a dedicated servant; he's also a creative force. He even directed "Bagong Liwanag," a film highlighting the transformative power of faith, starring Rez Cortez.

During his service to Marikina's community, Bishop Samuel seamlessly juggled significant roles. He led as head pastor for the Novaliches locale in 2018 before assuming the head pastoral duties in Marikina. Simultaneously, he managed and supervised the national ReDEEM department as ReDEEM OIC, and as ZION Area Coordinator, showcasing his remarkable dedication and organizational skills.

During the pandemic, Bishop Samuel Ferriol and his wife Pastor Kirsten ensured the Apostle's well-being through prayer, fasting, and health protocols. In 2021, he became a Church Presbyter. In response to the pandemic, they launched "Breakthrough," an evangelism and discipleship initiative. It proved so effective in Marikina that it was embraced as a program for the entire church.

In 2023, Bishop Samuel achieved yet another milestone, becoming the latest addition to the roster of Church Bishops. His oversight extends to the thriving RRB churches established by the Marikina locale. Despite evolving circumstances, Bishop Samuel's steadfast dedication and strategic leadership continue to shape the Church's journey.

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Evangelist and Presbyter Leticia Santos Ferriol


A Trailblazer in Ministry and Education

As the devoted partner of Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol, Evangelist Leticia Santos Ferriol is a driving force both in life and ministry. She stands as a pioneer in global missions and education, a living testament to unwavering dedication and fervent prayer. Above all, her heart beats for the Church's well-being, and her fervor for preaching God's Word is unwavering.

Educating is in her blood. Reflecting on her taking up Education at Philippine Normal College, she shared, "Because I would like to be, for the Lord, a good teacher." Her desires were fulfilled as she spearheaded education through the NCLC-MCA school system and MBSI, on both the secular and spiritual aspects. Her journey was marked by triumph over hardships, earning a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education in 1963, followed by a Master of Arts in administration and supervision in 1980 from the Philippine Normal College.

Besides being promoted to become part of the Council of the Apostle, Evangelist Leticia holds several vital roles: Overseer of the SEA-ANZ Region spanning East Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand; Chairwoman of the Education Committee; and Directress of MBSI (Maranatha Bible School International).

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Bishop Reynald Sulayao


A True Leader with a Servant's Heart

Bishop Reynald is a person of character, a true servant leader. He has big empathy for the lost souls and has a natural desire to serve others. Inspired by his life verse from Isaiah 6:8—"Here I am Lord, send me"—he forfeited worldly allurements for the ministry, embodying unwavering dedication to his calling.

Upon joining MBS, Bishop Reynald's initial roles included janitorial duties at the Office of the Apostle and throughout the chapel. As a Bible student, he also cared for the Church's pigpen, tending to the pigs that served as supplementary food for the pastoral staff. This included feeding, bathing, and waste management duties. He was truly dedicated to this humble task in the same way as he was driven by a commitment to keep an eye on the vision set by the Apostle.

What is little known, in fact, is that Bishop Reynald landed as the first featured magazine cover model of The Word Magazine as it launched its first colored publication, May - June 1991 Edition entitled In Defense of Street Evangelism.

Completing his ministerial course marked the start of an exceptional journey. He spearheaded the founding of 17 local churches for over 2 decades.

His dynamism and efficiency weren't confined to pastoral work alone. His being close to political leaders during his ministry in Makati led him to become Chairman for the Political and Religious Affairs of the Church.

As he pioneers churches from across diverse regions in the Philippines and engages in global missionary endeavors, he has not only shaped congregations but also nurtured a strong personal foundation. Alongside his dedicated wife, Presbyter Yolanda Asia Sulayao, they have cultivated a remarkable family dynamic where most of their offspring have chosen to stand alongside him in the noble pursuit of the ministry.

In 2017, he was appointed to be among the esteemed roster of Church Presbyters. Merely three years later, amidst the challenging backdrop of a global pandemic, he achieved another remarkable milestone — Ordained as 7th Bishop of the church during the pandemic.

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Bishop Aldrin Palanca


A Resilient Servant of God: Finding Opportunity in Every Obstacle

A Resilient Servant of God: Finding Opportunity in Every Obstacle Bishop Aldrin Palanca exemplifies a resilient servant of God, who perseveres in the face of various obstacles, dangers, and occasional lack of resources in his ministry. Through his unwavering dedication and courageous determination, he turns every challenge into an opportunity for God to work even greater things through him. He was born on October 13, 1972. He was raised in a religious family and is the youngest of seven brothers. His strong desire to serve God led him to consider becoming a priest, and he dedicated himself to serving as a sacristan at San Felipe Neri Parish in Mandaluyong. His call to PMCC (4th Watch) came on March 21, 1985. At 15 years old, he committed to serving as a youth sacrifice in the PMCC (4th Watch) Mandaluyong and received mentorship in evangelism from Pastor Tim Ferriol.

In 1989, he entered Maranatha Bible School, and his main job was in the office of our beloved Apostle Arsenio Tan Ferriol. He also had multiple roles, aside from being a janitor in the Apostle's office, working in the morning at Evangelist Let's office and MCS rooms, after attending MBS class in the afternoon, he served as a street preacher in Cubao, and worked as a guard, car washer, and construction worker at night.

During his second year and Practicum year in the MBS, he pioneered Parañaque and Pateros. He became class president and Student Body President when he was in the 4th year. After graduating as the Last Speaker (the highest honor in the MBSI), he pastored in San Pedro, Laguna. The church at that time was in the midst of persecution by the authorities, and public preaching was prohibited. Because of Pastor Aldrin's explanation to the mayor, he was given the permit to preach the gospel anywhere in San Pedro Laguna.

In 1996, he assumed the role of Area Coordinator for the Panay Island District. He encountered opposition for conducting baptisms at night, but after clarifying the purpose of his mission in a radio interview, he was offered the opportunity to host a radio program, "Oras ng Katotohanan,". Pastor Aldrin's efforts also led to positive relationships with the Mayor of Kalibo and the Governor, ultimately contributing to the advancement of the Lord’s work. Leading Davao District in 1999, though he only stayed there for nearly one year, through his leadership, finished the construction of the chapel in Davao. He also started the District Camp in the area before he left for Biñan, Laguna.

At the age of 27, Pastor Aldrin became the youngest head pastor of PMCC Marikina Main Church and Coordinator of Zion Area in late 1999. During his tenure, Senakulo Presentations were staged in huge arenas such as Riverbanks Amphitheater with audiences reaching 3,000 to 5,000. He also organized the Marikina Symphony of Praise and Pillars Band. Through the directives of the Apostle, he registered the Dalaw Kalinga Foundation (DKF) which started as Oplan: Dalaw Kalinga. While pastoring in Marikina, he served as professor at the Maranatha Bible School, liaison person of the Apostle, and co-panelists with Archbishop Art and Bishop Osie on the Oras ng Katotohanan radio and TV program. In 2004, he was blessed to marry Pastor Elleza Lazaro, a confidant and partner in the ministry.

His global mission began in a Muslim-majority country of Bangladesh, converting Baptist pastor and his congregation. It was during their assignment in San Fernando, Pampanga, that their children were born. Febe Elleza was born in 2005, and Arseneo Aldrin was born in 2007. "Arseneo" was named after Apostle Arsenio.

In 2008, when he was assigned to the Middle East District, he took the initiative to establish Dubai as a local church. Despite the challenges of working in a region hostile to the gospel and strict laws limiting activities, he persevered and successfully introduced new ministries and programs such as PEP, Senakulo, Missionary Services, Medical Mission, Fellowships, Camps, and the popular Gawad Parangal, as well as the eagerly anticipated MEDC. Despite the predominantly non-Christian nature of the countries in his district, he was able to pioneer 21 churches not only in the Middle East, but also in countries in Africa and the Caucasus.

In 2012, he established the Maranatha Bible Extension Middle East Extension, and in 2017, he launched The Word Today, an evangelistic program aired on Life TV and PMCC (4th watch) Social Media platforms. By 2022, his District was blessed to be provided by the main office to purchase a building called AATF Miracle Building, the Church's first-ever property in the area, which will serve as the District Office, House of Worship, Pastoral House, and MBSI campus.

Upon his ordination as the 6th Bishop during the 24th International Convention in 2013, he achieved the distinction of becoming the youngest bishop in the Church. Subsequently, following his appointment as Bishop, he was elevated to the position of Regional Overseer of Middle East and Europe District Churches.

In addition to his responsibilities as Area Coordinator and Regional Overseer, he was given the role of chairing five Committees as a Church Council member. These Committees include Evangelism & Discipleship, Media/Information Technology/Music, Church Leaders Ordination, Grievance, and Church Heraldic Law and Protocols.

His steadfast dedication to advancing the work of God in the face of numerous challenges, as well as his unfailing loyalty to the Apostle and full-fledged support to the Deputy Executive Minister, he was not only deemed worthy by God to become the youngest Bishop, but he was ordained by the beloved Apostle Arsenio Ferriol to be the 4th Global Evangelist of the Church last year during the 2023 International Convention and PMCC (4th Watch)’s 50th Church Anniversary.

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Bishop Rustico “Resting” Zonio


A Remarkable Trailblazer Across Visayas and Mindanao

Born on April 5, 1952, in Guadalupe, Libacao, Aklan, Bishop Resting grew up in a caring family with parents Enrico and Asuncion Zonio. His youth was filled with hobbies like tracking animals, swimming, and drawing, alongside a passion for architecture. Yet, it was the Word of God that truly ignited his passion.

At the age of 16, Bishop Resting set off on his journey of serving the Lord, finding guidance in the verses of Matthew 28:19-20. With Jesus' resounding call to "Go" echoing in his heart, he committed his life to the ministry that would mold his life forever.

If preaching and house-to-house evangelism were hobbies, then Bishop Resting would be the ultimate preaching enthusiast. At 18, he teamed up with Pastor Federico Gan and Sister Loreto Gan, a valiant missionary couple, covering Pulupandan. Their unwavering dedication left him in awe, igniting his aspiration to trailblaze God's work in Kalibo, Aklan.

Revered as the unwavering defender of the 4th Watch faith in Visayas and Mindanao, Bishop Resting is a beacon of humility and strength. He personifies the apostolic virtues of meekness and gentleness. With unwavering commitment, he stands as the foundational pillar of faith, belonging to the pioneering ranks of PMCC (4th Watch).

In 1980, he married the late Presbyter Neng Zonio. It wasn't just a union of hearts, but of ministries too, a partnership that resonated and magnified their shared calling.

In 2008, he was ordained as a Church Bishop by the Apostle. As a key presence in the Council of the Apostle, he oversees congregations in Zambales and Bataan as the Regional Overseer of Northern Luzon. His impact extends through The Word Magazine as a columnist. He's a significant early contributor to the Church, excelling as a defender, debater, and head pastor at PMCC (4th Watch) Olongapo.

Undeterred by a diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease, he stands as a symbol of resilience, gripping firmly to the Word of God that roots his spirit. Though his body may falter, his voice resounds unwaveringly, fervently proclaiming the Word with all his strength.

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Bishop Osinando “Osie” Quillao


A Tireless Defender of Faith and Ministry

In 1972, he attended his first spiritual Camp at Apugan, Baguio, which sparked his commitment to God's mission. At 16, he lived in Marikina, pursued his studies, and worked as per advised by the Apostle being driven by love for the souls and dedication to the doctrine.

Two years later, he joined Bishop Dodoy Ferriol on his inaugural missionary journey to Tanyag, Calintaan, Occidental Mindoro, establishing the foundation for God's work in Salvacion Rizal, Occidental Mindoro. And in 1979, he held crusades in almost every barangay in Marikina resulting in the conversion of many souls. At the same time as his ordination as a pastor, he simultaneously pioneered the establishment of churches in Limon, Looc, Odiongan, and Capipisa, Tanza, Cavite.

A tireless defender of the truth, Bishop Osie fearlessly debates false teachings from diverse religious groups. Armed with deep apostolic knowledge from Apostle Arsenio Ferriol, he has engaged in impactful debates throughout his ministry.

Upon the Apostle's commission, Bishop Osie assumed the role of advancing evangelism in Luneta Park. As a true pioneer, he led public preaching in 1986 at Carriedo, Isetann, and market evangelisms in Dapitan, Trabajo, Blumentritt, Divisoria, Pritil, and Aranque in Manila, including Cloverleaf Market and Oriental Plaza in Balintawak, and Galas, Quezon City. He also pioneered preaching inside the market of Parang and Marikina City. His guidance also fostered spirited crusades and house-to-house evangelisms throughout the city.

Bound by love and a shared mission, he joined hands with Presbyter Mona in matrimony. Together, they nurtured a family of four children, each fervently dedicated their lives to the ministry and followed the path to becoming a pastor.

In 2006, he was ordained as a bishop. Now, as the Secretary of the PMCC (4th Watch) Council, Bishop Osie holds the role of Regional Overseer for Greater Manila, Northern, and Central Luzon. His influence spans wide, from hosting Oras ng Katotohanan Radio, writing columns for The Word Magazine, and serving as the vanguard of the church apostolic doctrine against assailants of the truth on television, to international speaking, church debating, advising Goodman Music, leading PMCC (4th Watch) Manila, and guiding Maranatha Christian Academy of Manila.

Under Bishop Osie's guidance, Manila Locale's music ministry flourished, culminating in the 'Fireproof' album by Dokimos Christian Band, led by his first-born son, Brother JR Quillao. In 2012, he orchestrated Manila Locale's grand 25th Church Anniversary celebration at Sofitel Hotel, featuring a full orchestra alongside Dokimos Christian Band, Sphragis Strings Ensemble, and New Creation Chorale. He also initiated expansion, inaugurating worship in Marilao, Bulacan, and establishing the churches in North Bay, Paco, Pandacan, Sampaloc, and Sta. Ana, Sucat, Tondo, and the recently opened local church in Grace Village.

Bishop Osie's journey epitomizes apostolic obedience, sacrifice, integrity, and leadership. Despite facing numerous challenges, he has established houses of worship across the Philippines, guided by the Apostle's resounding call: "No retreat, no surrender!”

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Bishop Jonathan S. Ferriol


Deputy Executive Minister: The Heart of a Servant, The Mind of a Visionary, and The Spirit of a Leader

A man with an insatiable hunger for advancing the cause of Christ on a global scale, Bishop Jonathan S. Ferriol is the newly appointed Deputy Executive Minister of the PMCC (4th Watch). He is the second eldest son of Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol and Evangelist Leticia S. Ferriol. The breadth of breakthroughs in his ministry is attributed simply to the way his heart is after God’s own, and his deference for the Goodman of the House as his Apostle before he sees him as his father.

While his parents are church founders, Bishop Jonathan took his faith sincerely and made his relationship with the Lord personal even as a young boy. At the tender age of ten years old, he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior, then being baptized in Taal Lake.

In 1987, Bishop Jonathan began studying at Centro Escolar University to pursue a degree in Journalism. For years, he honed in on his craft as a writer with a dream to become a war correspondent for the mainstream media. Exhibiting his talent and leadership potential, Bishop Jonathan was entrusted with the Print Media of the Church as the Editor-in-Chief of The Word Magazine. He wrote articles under the pen name “Nathaniel FS.” During his tenure, The Word Magazine produced and released issues on a monthly basis. He would further exemplify his determination to partner with the Apostle by establishing the Media Communications Department (known as MCD), where he served as the head of Oras ng Katotohanan Radio and Television. In succeeding years, Bishop Jonathan spearheaded the creation of Daystar Publishing, the Church’s own printing department, established Cornerstone recording studio, and wrote the first book of the PMCC (4th Watch) about the Apostle titled, “The Goodman of the House: A Son’s Reflection of His Father’s Ministry.”

Bishop Jonathan thrived as a young leader. The fiery passion for evangelism set ablaze in his heart in Summer of 1989. Fighting against the forces of darkness and bracing themselves against the elements, he led a youth mission team for several weeks in saturating the predominantly Muslim area of Dipolog City with the Fourth Watch Gospel. Eventually, they converted families who continue to remain faithful in serving the Lord up until the present time. From 1991 to 1993, he served as President of the National Young Watchers Department, where he launched “Young Watchers Month.”

May 1993 was a pivotal moment in his life. Bishop Jonathan enrolled in the Maranatha Bible School, becoming the first among his siblings to dedicate his life to full-time pastoral ministry. Developing pastoral care, he was assigned in Malate and soon sent by the Apostle to Hong Kong to represent the PMCC (4th Watch) in its first foreign debate, in 1997. All of his efforts to advance the church culminated in his graduation from the Bible School as he was bestowed the highest honor as the Last Speaker of the class dubbed, “The Watchmen.” It was on this day wherein he invited the unsaved friends, relatives, and attendees to accept Christ as their personal Savior. Unbeknownst to him, this would begin the tradition to have an Altar Call during the MBSI’s annual Commencement Exercises.

Near the turn of the century, Bishop Jonathan was assigned in the United States to pastor the church in Carson, California in 1998. Pursuing the most excellent way to serve, he adopted the modern praise and worship genre in worship singing. In his pulpit ministry, he began preaching in a “series format.” From a fledgling group of worshippers, God used Bishop Jonathan to portray the Apostolic teachings. Two decades later, the small group now stands as nearly 50 congregations across the country. The PMCC (4th Watch) of South Bay’s House of Worship was fittingly named, “Crown Jewel of the Fourth Watch,” being the first in the global mission to be constructed from start to finish.

He married his ministry partner, Presbyter Marites Madrid in December of 1999. Together, they would become a dynamic tandem in church administration and pastoral support. 2000 became a milestone year as Bishop Jonathan was appointed as the Coordinator for the churches in the United States, Canada, and Western Pacific.

Over the next two decades, expansion and growth embraced his ministry as God gave Bishop Jonathan The Antioch Vision- a 10-year global-mission-equipping roadmap for the district to become viable in the areas of manpower, finance, church properties, missions, and the media. 2008 marked another critical year as he launched The Surer Word Television Ministry- the church’s first all-English program outside of the Philippines. The “live-streaming” of services ensued, further expanding the reach of the Gospel around the world.

Taking after his mother as a consummate educator, he became the Administrator of the Maranatha Bible School International (North America Extension), which is the largest among the MBSI Extensions in the global mission. Bishop Jonathan has penned eight books, which include biographies, discipleship manuals, and devotionals. In 2013, the Lord saw him worthy to be elevated to a higher ministry, as the Apostle ordained him as a Church Bishop. 2020 saw him appointed as the Regional Overseer of the United States, Canada, and Western Pacific Districts. To date, there are nearly 80 congregations across 2 continents, and 10 countries and territories.

In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic’s plight, God moved in Bishop Jonathan to push back against the decline of contemporary evangelistic methods and embody the Apostolic mantra of “No retreat, no surrender!” Thus, the Home Free Global Crusades were born. After 14 installments over the course of 3 years, more than 8 million individuals have been impacted by the Gospel, with more than 105,000 accepting water baptism. While expanding the work of God on earth, the Lord impressed a new goal to Bishop Jonathan’s heart- to establish genuine Fourth Watch congregations throughout Spanish-speaking countries of North, South, and Central America. Hence, The Great Hispanosphere Outreach’s naissance.

Building up budding leaders, congregations, and church edifices, Bishop Jonathan and Presbyter Thess led the arduous task to purchase, construct, and finish the church’s first, largest, and most modern structure outside of the Philippines- the Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol Global Missionary Center, which was unveiled in 2021.

As a testament to his faithfulness to the Apostolic leadership and manifestation of his calling, the Goodman of the House appointed Bishop Jonathan to serve as his Deputy Executive Minister in May of 2023, further bolstering the continuity of the mission and vision of Christ’s End-Time Church.

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Bishop Domingo “Dodoy” Ferriol


A Timeless Legacy and Edifying Testimony to Cherish Eternally

"Totohanin mo ang Dios, at tototohanin ka rin ng Dios": This unwavering principle defined Bishop Domingo Tan Ferriol's life. Through trials and time, he clung to this belief, illustrating the profound bond between God and His faithful. It propelled him to a fruitful ministry, embodying his relentless dedication as a humble servant of God.

Known as "Dodoy" from childhood, he was the sixth of nine kids born to Juan Fortaleza Ferriol and Mariana Feruelo Tan. Early on, Bishop Dodoy loved God's word. He joined his older brother, Apostle Tan Arsenio Ferriol, on journeys to share it. His motto was, "Obey first. No complaints." In 1972, he pioneered the Malagasang Church as told by Apostle Arsenio. A year later, he started a church in Magsikap, Mindoro. Bishop Dodoy trusted that obeying God and His messengers would bring joy and provision.

It is in his simplicity that he greatly impacted those around him and the whole church as well even for several generations.

Beloved Bishop Dodoy's fervor for spreading God's Word and establishing places of worship was remarkable. He tirelessly initiated the work of God in different locations, from crusades to market evangelism. His leadership birthed numerous local churches in the Peniel Area, spanning Laguna, Batangas, Quezon, Mindoro, Romblon, and Palawan. Obedient to the Apostle's guidance, he oversaw the construction of around 49 houses of worship across various provinces.

Much like the Apostle, Bishop Dodoy fearlessly defended God's truth, actively debating to counter false teachings. He led in debates during the Church's early years, guided by the belief that God ensured victory. He nurtured ministers and staff under his guidance, embodying the wisdom shared by our Beloved Apostle. Bishop Dodoy's leadership was evident in his team's successes and setbacks, deeply feeling both.

A devoted minister of God, Bishop Dodoy nurtured strong bonds with fellow believers, even in challenging circumstances. His consistent dedication to serving others was evident to many, and had he retained his youthful vigor, he would have undoubtedly continued achieving remarkable feats for the Lord. Acts 20:24 resonated with Bishop Dodoy's life: "However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace."

Bishop Dodoy's motto, 'Love for God and ministry above all,' echoed his core belief. His affection for souls was equally striking. Amid his devotion to God's work, he remained a loving father to Pastors Uzziel, Hazziel, Jazziel, Viviel, and Nissiel, and a devoted husband to Beloved Presbyter Luningning. His approach to family mirrored his interactions with pastoral staff and brethren—a testament to his unwavering love and care."

His prayer life exemplified James 5:16: "Righteous prayers are powerful." His battles with evil spirits, healings, and favor from God are well-known. Many sought his prayers, drawn by his reputation as a vessel of God's grace.

His love for God fueled his dedicated service, reaping abundant blessings. His obedience to God and Apostle, coupled with humility, turned his life for Christ into a triumphant and fruitful ministry.

Beloved Bishop Domingo Tan Ferriol's passing reignited faith and service in believers. His life emphasized the value of time for serving God, a timeless lesson.

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